Rhea Ford

Maths Tutor

BSc.(Hons) Mathematics with Education, PGCE

Melanie Hulbert

Maths Tutor

BSc.(Hons) Statistics with Management Science Techniques, PGCE

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Andy Thompson

Maths Tutor

BA.(Hons) Accounting and Finance, PGCE

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Rhea Ford - Maths Tuition

Firstly, Rhea has a BSc.(Hons) in Mathematics with Education from the University of Plymouth.
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Furthermore, Rhea has a PGCE in Primary Maths from Plymouth Marjon University. Moreover, she has taught Primary and Secondary maths since 2008.
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Currently, she works at a local secondary school where she has been teaching Maths for over 10 years.
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Rhea has a wealth of experience

Rhea Ford is a qualified and experienced teacher and tutor with an extensive knowledge of the curriculum from Key Stage 1 to Key stage 5.

Her main role has been as a maths tutor, where she has worked with students either on a one to one basis or in a small group, helping to boost their mathematical skills and progress in the subject. Rhea identifies any gaps in a student’s knowledge and also any areas for development that may have arisen due to learning missed from lockdown. She then helps them to achieve their potential.

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Working with students of all abilities

Rhea has lots of experience working with a variety of SEN students. She has adapted different teaching styles to help assist learning and this has allowed them to achieve their potential. Rhea Ford offers personalised Maths Tuition for students from 11-16, focussed on developing a self-reliance that will help the learner succeed beyond the classroom. She has a good understanding of common misconceptions and knows how to explain difficult concepts.

In her own words:

‘My degree in Maths means I have a very good understanding of the subject, enabling me to break it down into manageable steps to help students gain a greater depth of knowledge. I believe building a student’s confidence is key to their success. My teaching style involves lots of encouragement and praise, building the students self-belief. Once they start to feel a little more confident, they are then able to attempt new topics and link their learning to really boost their progress. My calm and positive nature helps to build a good environment where the student is able to thrive and achieve to their full potential.’


BSc.(Hons) Mathematics with Education from the University of Plymouth
PGCE Primary Maths from Plymouth Marjon University
Teaching since 2008 / Teaching Secondary Maths since 2011
Experience of Special Needs
Additionally, Rhea is DBS Checked

Price of Sessions – Rhea

GCSE (individual rate) @ £30 p/hr

@ £25 p/45min

Rhea is happy to use Zoom or Skype to teach remotely and can also offer lessons at her home in Plymouth (PL3).

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Melanie Hulbert - Maths Tuition

Firstly, Melanie has a First Class degree in Statistics from Cardiff University and a PGCE from Exeter University in Secondary Maths
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Secondly, she regularly marks GCSE and iGCSE scripts for formal examinations from Edexcel and AQA

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Furthermore, she is currently working as a maths teacher at Tavistock College and has been teaching maths since 2001

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Melanie is an experienced professional teacher and tutor

Melanie Hulbert is a highly qualified teacher and tutor. For instance, she has a First Class Degree in Statistics with Management Science Techniques from Cardiff University and a PGCE in Secondary Maths from Exeter University. Melanie is a very able mathematician, so is well suited to help the most gifted students. Since completing her PGCE in 2001, Melanie has taught Mathematics in secondary schools in the South West and has also tutored pupils from KS3, 4 and 5. She is currently teaching maths at Tavistock College

In her own words… ‘Being able to offer personalised support is always extremely rewarding and is often the confidence boost that a child needs to enable them to achieve within school’. Melanie’s combination of frontline teaching and exam marking for AQA and Edexcel ensures that she is up to date with the very latest specifications at all key stages.  

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BSc (Hons) First Class in Statistics with Management Science Techniques from Cardiff University
PGCE Secondary Mathematics, Exeter University
Teaching since 2001
Experience of Special Needs
Additionally, Melanie is DBS Checked

Why study Maths?

Click the link below to the UCAS website to see how and why you should study Maths after leaving school…

Deborah, Parent of Year11 Student
Ivybridge Community College
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At the start of his GCSE tutoring my son was downhearted, not predicted the ‘A’ he desperately wanted and his self-esteem and confidence in his own ability was very low. Melanie literally transformed my son into a confident, high achieving mathematician; her approach was methodical, focused and insightful. The impact of this was my son smiling more, achieving more and believing in himself. Melanie has a real gift of drawing out what is special about a child and has the knowledge and skills to make what at first seems impossible a reachable goal, and all this with an emphasis on her student’s unique approach to the way they learn. I can wholeheartedly say that we were ecstatic when my son achieved the ‘A’ grade he needed, this was purely down to the outstanding and exceptional tutoring from Melanie.
Eileen, Parent of Year 11 StudentMount Kelly
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Melanie Hulbert has tutored our daughter in Maths to GCSE standard for the past two years and has now started A Level preparation. Throughout this time, Melanie has been an excellent Tutor. She is knowledgeable, engaging and has a first class teaching style. Our daughter looks forward to her weekly sessions with Melanie and improved her expected GCSE grade from 6 to 8 during this year's Mocks. Melanie is very reliable and flexible. I highly recommend her.

Price of Sessions – Melanie

A-Level & GCSE (individual rate) @ £30 p/hr

@ £25 p/45min

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Andy Thompson - Maths Tuition

Firstly, Andy is a fully qualified secondary school maths teacher who has been teaching in Plymouth since 2013
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Secondly, Andy has been recognised within the teaching community for producing engaging and high quality resources

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He is currently working as a maths teacher at Notre Dame School and specialises in online tuition
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Andy is passionate about maths tuition

Andy Thompson is an experienced teacher and tutor and is currently teaching maths at Notre Dame School in Plymouth. He has a degree in Accounting and Finance, so has a real eye for detail and some of his high quality resources have been endorsed by nationally renowned maths teachers. He has held various responsibilities within both the department and the wider school in various schools and is regularly responsible for the progress of over 300 students. 

Andy has also mentored other teachers, provided training sessions on AfL, differentiation and coded differentiated question generators. Andy has recently been working as a KS3 Co-ordinator and so has planned and delivered various intervention sessions for students to catch up on missed work. 


When he is not in the classroom, Andy specialises in online maths tuition using Skype or perhaps Zoom. Andy prides himself in delivering differentiated sessions and giving appropriate help to each individual. Although he prefers to tutor online, Andy also provides face to face tuition. Additionally, Andy has an up to date DBS check.

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Price of Sessions – Andy

A-Level & GCSE (individual rate) @ £35 p/hr

@ £30 p/45min

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