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Rob Williams - Guitar Tuition

Some musicians are busier than others. Rob Williams is one of the busiest! He is a vastly experienced musician who delivers a unique sound with his innovative and multi-styled guitar skills. 

A songwriter in his own right, Rob created his own ‘originals only’ band ‘Blowing Cookies’ which featured renowned jazz sax player Martin Dale. Rob additionally featured in premier bands, ‘Reckless’, ‘Smart Alec’, ‘Rhythm Machine’, ‘Joey The Lips’, and ‘Filthy Gorgeous’, before eventually met up with Derek Wood in his band ’80 Degrees’.

The song writing now continues in collaboration with Derek Wood as part of the ‘Hungry Bears’.

Rob playing live with the 'Hungry Bears'

Rob has worked in a number of different schools over the years, working on behalf Russ Davies Music Schools and Studios. Over the years, he has taught at Plymouth College Prep, Stoke Damerel Juniors, Leigham, St Boniface, Torpoint Juniors and others.

He currently teaches at King’s Prep School in Hartley. Whilst working in schools and also privately, Rob has taken students through all of the grade exams from Debut to Grade 8 and additionally rockschool diploma level. Being self-taught with no formal qualifications himself, all of his experience has come from working with many other musicians at all levels.

Rob was asked to teach many years ago and then subsequently more students followed by recommendation and word of mouth. He only teaches limited numbers of students, because he is frequently performing. All of his lessons are taught from his own home studio (Skype lessons possible). For younger students he prefers teaching Grades, but for more mature students there’s more flexibility. In his own words… ‘its up to them but I prefer them to learn some theory along with the physical side of playing’.

His strongest interests are in improvisation, harmony, timing and feel, because he feels it’s so important to learn how to play with other musicians . Rob lives in Mannamead Plymouth and often recommends fortnightly lessons. 

Rob Williams spent many years working on behalf of Russ Davies Music Schools and Studios

rob williams rehearsing with the filthy gorgeous

He is one of the busiest and most well respected guitarists in Plymouth.

black and white photo of rob williams playing the guitar

individual tuition can be face to face or over Skype at the student’s preference

Price of Lessons

60 minutes @ £25

45 minutes @ £20

Why study Music?

School students who are considering a career in music can click the link below to the UCAS website…

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