Chris Perkins dipRSL

Drums Tutor

Northampton... early years

In addition to having private weekly lessons, Chris studied at the Northamptonshire County Music School every Saturday morning (9am to 1pm) from 1980 to 1988. As a result, he quickly developed his reading skills and also his ability to play with other musicians. 

His tutor for much of this time was Richard Coles, who was a very important influence and an excellent jazz and funk drummer. For instance he was a former ‘BBC Big Band Drummer of the Year’ competition winner and had a similar taste in music.

Zurich and London

Whilst playing for the Northamptonshire County Youth Brass Band, Chris had the opportunity to play at the World Youth Music Festival in Zurich in 1985. Furthermore, Chris gave a number of performances in London at this time. For example, performance venues included The Royal Albert Hall, The Queen Elizabeth Hall and The Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank. Moreover, Chris made an early TV appearance at the Youth Proms in 1986. 

Increasing confidence and ability, meant that Chris was headhunted to play for the Virtuosi GUS Band between 1987 and 1989. They were an excellent band, because they played in the ‘Championship Section’. This effectively meant they were in the ‘Premier League of the Brass Band World’.

London Uni... 1988 - 1991

On leaving school, Chris studied Chemistry at Queen Mary College, University of London. During this time, he played drums in various rock bands, jazz bands, big bands and the University of London Orchestra. As a result, there were many performances in pubs, 5* Hotels, University Halls and even on river boats. In addition to this, there were church performances with the orchestra at St. Martins in the Fields in Trafalgar Square, St. Johns in Smith Square and St. James in Piccadilly.  

Hereford... 1991 - 1993

On leaving university, Chris secured a place on a Graduate Management Training Scheme in Hereford. This didn’t mean that the music would stop, because he soon joined a successful and busy Blues Band! During his time in Hereford, Chris played numerous pub and club gigs with the seven piece Ockenden-Davis Blues Band. 

Oxford Uni... 1994 - 1995

Back at University again, Chris auditioned for the University of Oxford Orchestra. After a comprehensive, but successful audition, Chris was now the principle timpanist with the OUO. This allowed him to perform in New College Chapel and at the Sheldonian Theatre.

Plymouth (Teacher)... 1995 -

Chris moved to Plymouth in 1995 to work as a Secondary Science Teacher and soon after he was playing for The Plymouth Symphony Orchestra. He was with the PSO until 2006 and was therefore able to play at many of the most inspiring venues in the SouthWest. Additionally, Chris played a number of orchestral concerts with the Kelly Choral Society. For example at St. Eustachius, Tavistock Parish Church on a number of occasions. 

An ex-school teacher

In 2010, Chris finally left teaching to devote more time to drums and private tuition. Since 2010, he has taught drums to students with a wide range of abilities. As a result, more than 50 of his students have taken numerous grade exams through rockschool. Moreover, Chris has had a 100% pass rate, with every student achieving either a distinction or a merit. 

Since 2012, Chris has additionally provided tuition for music undergraduates at the University of Plymouth, helping them to prepare for examined recitals.

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Yamaha Recording Custom


Chris started playing drums in 1980 and has played in various bands and also orchestras across the UK and Europe. Additionally, he has been a private drum tutor since 2007. He has therefore been able to teach and mentor many students across the age and ability range.

Since 2012, Chris has been an associate lecturer with the Music Department at the University of Plymouth. The main focus of this work has been the structuring and preparation of examined recitals. As a result of his tuition, previous students have achieved Grade 8 with distinction and have also taken rockschool diplomas.

In summary, many of his students enjoy working through rockschool grade exams, whereas some students want to learn in a less structured way.

Why study Music?

School students who are considering a career in music can click the link below to the UCAS website…

You found your drummer


Why Chris?

* Firstly, Chris has great technique across a range of styles
* Secondly, Chris has a fantastic sound proof studio with two pro drum kits, internet and sound system
* Thirdly, both kits face a huge whiteboard onto which the internet is projected
* Fourthly, Chris has over 40 years playing experience and has been teaching drums since 2010.
* Fifthly, he has a huge library of resources. These include playalong tracks, videos and books.
* Additionally, Chris is an extremely experienced teacher.
* Finally and most importantly, it's fun!

Price of Lessons

60 minutes @ £33

45 minutes @ £27

Payment is monthly in advance and preferably by bank transfer.


mapex kit pro-m series

mapex pro-M series drums

gorgeous maple drum kit

music tuition on a Yamaha recording custom drums in cherry wood

yamaha recording custom drums

beautiful birch drum kit

meinl professional series congas

beautiful Brazilian rubber wood congas

all in a purpose built sound-proof studio with the internet coming through mordant short speakers… heaven!

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