Shelley Lockett

Biology Tutor

BSc.(Hons), MSc, PGCE, QTS

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Paul Blake

Biology Tutor

BSc.(Hons), PGCE, QTS

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Shelley Lockett - Biology Tuition

Shelley is one of the most experienced and well respected teachers in Plymouth.


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She is currently Head of Science at Notre Dame School, where she has good relationships with all students.


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Shelley is positive and enthusiastic, with a wealth of experience at GCSE & A-Level.


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Shelly Lockett is a very experienced teacher, tutor and currently is Head of Science at Notre Dame School in Plymouth. She specialises in Biological Sciences, but has taught and tutored all three AQA science courses at GCSE since 2003. She has taught OCR A-Level Biology and Human Biology since 2009 and has a track record of excellent A-Level results above national averages. 

Students comment that Shelley helps them to understand topics in detail. Additionally, they also benefit from her in-depth understanding of assessment requirements, the practical aspect and the maths skills needed for top grades.

Shelley is well aware of common misconceptions and the ‘little things that students overlook’. She is therefore able to give students the expert help they need in order to gain the highest grades.

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Reasons why Shelley will help you to improve your Biology grade

  • Firstly, Shelley knows the specifications in detail.
  • Secondly, she can clearly explain all of the more difficult concepts.
  • Thirdly, she can help you to structure your answers.
  • In addition, she knows exactly where students are likely to to be struggling.
  • As a result she can point you in the right direction and grow your confidence.
  • Lastly, Shelley keeps up to date with all of the minor specification changes.

Price of Sessions

A-Level (individual rate) @ £30 p/hr

GCSE (individual rate) @ £30 p/hr

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Paul Blake - Biology Tuition

Paul was Head of Biology at Heles School in Plymouth for 17 years.

He took early retirement in 2020, but still loves to tutor students and help them to achieve their potential.

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During his teaching career Paul built up a reputation as a first rate practitioner, popular with students and trusted to get positive outcomes in terms of GCSE and A level results. He has good knowledge of current specifications, particularly OCR-A at A-Level and AQA at GCSE.

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Having graduated from Swansea University in 1989 with a 2.1 in Marine Biology, Paul undertook a PGCE before commencing his teaching career at Thurston Upper School in Suffolk in 1990. He subsequently moved to Plymouth in 1993 and worked at Stoke Damerel for 10 years before becoming the Head of Biology at Heles School in 2003. Paul held this post for 17 years.

Paul has many years of experience of teaching Biology to A level and has also been tutoring A level Biology students since 2016.

Reasons why Paul will help you to improve your Biology grade

Paul can help you with the following:

  • Understanding difficult areas of the specification.

  • Understanding of how different topic areas link with each other.

  • How to structure your exam answers.

  • How to organise your revision.

  • Understanding of how practical and mathematical aspects of the syllabus will be examined.

  • Raising your grades.   

Year 13 Student
Heles School
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First of all, I have to say a massive thank you to you for pushing me to reach my full potential in A Level Biology. Without your help and encouragement, I wouldn’t be where I am today, studying for my dream job. I know I, and many other students, always appreciated your ability to make light of any situation, even when we were feeling the pressure. I am grateful for all the help and support you gave me.
Year 13 StudentHeles School
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For me, getting a good grade in Biology was crucial in my journey to becoming a Doctor. Therefore, having a great teacher to guide me through two years of A level biology (lots of counting limpets) was incredibly helpful. As he retires from school teaching, the careers he helped start are only just beginning!

Price of Sessions

A-Level (individual rate) @ £30 p/hr

GCSE (individual rate) @ £30 p/hr

Paul is offering tuition for A level Biology and GCSE Biology from his home in Yelverton. He is also happy to work by video link via Zoom etc. if this is preferred.

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